About Mental Skills

Mental skills training is similar to physical training, as such in order to ensure results a coach is needed to guide the process.  Like the body, improvement happens over time with consistent practice.  In the first session, we will discuss your goals and needs and formulate a plan on how we will proceed.  Following sessions will involve learning, perfecting and evaluating mental skills.

About Toby

  (650) 302-5396  |  toby@fitmindtraining.com

Toby Larson is a mental coach working in sport, business, education and health behaviors.  Toby has a M.S. in Kinesiology from CSU East Bay and has been mentored by top experts in the field of skill acquisition and performance psychology.  Toby is a Certified Consultant #546 with the Association for Applied Sports Psychology.

Toby works with numerous athletes from many different sports.  Toby works with professional and amateur athletes as well as business leaders.  Toby has also coached for over 12 years at the high school level increasing his understanding of performance demands.  Toby's greatest passion is seeing the individuals he coaches being able to engage and execute exactly as they desire.